Imperial College London


Faculty of MedicineDepartment of Brain Sciences

Professor of Practice (Neurology)







12L12CLab BlockCharing Cross Campus





I work as part of the MS research team carrying out commercial and academic studies.  I am also involved in the biology of MS and novel imaging techniques.    



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Nicholas R, Magliozzi R, Marastoni D, et al., 2024, High Levels of Perivascular Inflammation and Active Demyelinating Lesions at Time of Death Associated with Rapidly Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Disease Course: A Retrospective Postmortem Cohort Study., Ann Neurol, Vol:95, Pages:706-719

Knowles S, Middleton R, Cooze B, et al., 2024, Comparing the pathology, clinical, and demographic characteristics of younger and older-onset multiple sclerosis, Annals of Neurology, Vol:95, ISSN:0364-5134, Pages:471-486

Herranz E, Treaba CA, Barletta VT, et al., 2024, Characterization of cortico-meningeal translocator protein expression in multiple sclerosis., Brain


Nicholas R, Rodgers J, Witts J, et al., 2023, The impact of healthcare systems on the clinical diagnosis and disease-modifying treatment usage in relapse-onset multiple sclerosis: a real-world perspective in five registries across Europe, 38th Congress of the European-Committee-for-Treatment-and-Research-in-Multiple-Sclerosis, SAGE PUBLICATIONS LTD, Pages:131-132, ISSN:1756-2856

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