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My main research interests lie in the links between quantum optics and statistical and quantum mechanics. More specifically:

Current and Recent Research

Imperial College

See main page for more details: photon BEC and waveguide-chip projects. Part of CCM group.

Past Research

Institut d'Optique, France (2004 - 2007, Post-doc)

Laser cooling and optical dipole trapping. Part of the I.C.E. project to perform laser cooling and atom-interferometry in zero-gravity Airbus flights. Working towards all-optical BEC of Rb-K mixture. Link to my old lab: Atom Optics group at Institut d'Optique. My projects: KRub and I.C.E. Principal investigators: Philippe Bouyer and Alain Aspect.

University of Nottingham (2000-2003, PhD thesis)

NMR studies of spin transport in polarised, Fermi liquid 3He and 3He-4He mixtures as low as 3mK in up to 11T fields, in the Quantum Fluids group. My thesis can be dowloaded from the Nottingham etheses server:  Supervisors: John Owers-Bradley and Roger Bowley.