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Ravi is the Deputy Director of MEdIC, a newly formed Medical Education Innovation & Research Centre founded in 2019. This centre is unique in bringing together community, education, and workforce needs into medical education innovations and research that have a positive and sustainable impact on our society.Ravi is also the Deputy Lead for Phase 3 of the Medical School Curriculum Review.

Ravi has a particular interest in longitudinal learning and leads this theme within MEdIC, working on longitudinal pilot courses within the curriculum, as well as leading and supervising projects within the field of longitudinal learning.

Ravi has led a number of pilot medical student courses in longitudinal learning including the Integrated Clinical Apprenticeship (ICA) and F-Zero course. The ICA course involved a number of medical students who spend a day a week throughout their 5th year in a GP practice, with a caseload of patients. Students develop meaningful relationships with these patients, attend appointments and follow their patients through primary and secondary care, often advocating and developing management strategies with their patients. Research has demonstrated the impact of such meaningful roles, levels of responsibility, and teamwork in developing the professional identity of students and support them in their transition to a qualified doctor.

Ravi co-led the F-Zero course, an innovative re-design of the final year of the medical curriculum at Imperial Colege. This involves students spending time in the same GP, general medical firm, and general surgical firm each week throughout their final year. Students develop a sense of belonging and responsibility in their firms and are given increasing responsibility as they transition to qualified doctors. The course was specifically designed to tackle the challenges around preparation for practice and integrated learning.

Ravi studied medicine at the University of Bristol, before moving to North West London to complete his foundation and postgraduate training. He completed the Academic Foundation Program and Academic Clinical Fellowship in General Practice in North West Thames. He has completed in Masters in Education (with Distinction) at Imperial College, winning the prize for his dissertation exploring the sense of belonging in longitudinal learning. He holds Fellowship of the Higher Education Authority (FHEA). He currently works as a GP in Westminster alongside his educational role.



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