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Dr Peters current work is focused on use of different antihypertensives, frailty and risk and benefit of treatment in the very elderly.

Between 2010 and 2012 Dr Peters was part of the core team setting up and developing the Imperial Clinical Trials Unit (ICTU). ICTU was launched in 2010 and is a fully UKCRC registered trials unit.

Prior to 2010 she led the multinational HYpertension in the Very Elderly Trial Cognitve function (HYVET-COG) study and co-ordinated the main Hypertension in the Very Elderly [HYVET] trial. HYVET was an Imperial sponsored multinational double blind RCT which was rated ‘Trial of the year’ by  the Society for Clinical Trials and an exceptional landmark in medicine(F1000) in 2008. The HYVET trial results have changed global guidelines for the use of antihypertensive treatment in older adults (>=80 years).

Research interests include risk factors for dementia, particularly cardiovascular risk factors and potential interventions to ameliorate or prevent cognitive decline and dementia.



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