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We are constantly looking for PhD students or postdoctoral scholars with research interests in the field of: single- and multi-phase flow in porous media, high-pressure (supercritical) adsorption in nano-/micro-porous solids, and multi-scale imaging of phase-equilibria and/or flows in porous media. Background: Master in Chemical Engineering or Petroleum Engineering.

All applications should be sent to Dr. Ronny Pini

  • 2019
  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2016

Research STAFF

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Emily Chapman (Postdoctoral scholar) | Dissolution patterns and solute mixing during reactive transport in carbonates

Swapna Rabha (Postdoctoral scholar) | Numerical and experimental studies of solute transport in fractured rocks

Salome Shokri-Kuehne (Postdoctoral scholar) | Heterogeneity in multiphase flows: from pore- to the core-scale (co-supervised with Sam Krevor)

Takeshi Kurotori (Postdoctoral scholar) | Chemical transport and multiphase flows in carbonate rocks

Edward Bailey (Experimental officer) | Shell Digital Rock imaging lab


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Humera Ansari (PhD candidate) | CO2 enhanced shale gas recovery  (co-supervised with Prof. Geoffrey Maitland and Prof. Martin Trusler)

Hassan Azzan (PhD candidate) | Experimental co-adsorption studies and rapid sorbent screening for CO2/H2 separations

Anna-Maria Eckel (PhD candidate) | Three-dimensional free convective mixing in heterogeneous porous media

Junyoung Hwang (PhD candidate) | Adsorption of hydrocarbon gases and carbon dioxide on clay minerals at supercritical conditions

Nerine Joewondo (PhD candidate) | On the behaviour and fate of trapped gas in porous media (co-supervised with Valeria Garbin)

Caroline Jones (PhD candidate) | Quantification and monitoring of fluid phase behaviour and trapping in geological carbon sequestration sites  (co-supervised with Prof. Martin Trusler and Prof. Geoffrey Maitland)

Andrius Patapas (PhD candidate) | The effect of surfactant on complex interfacial flows (co-supervised with Prof. Omar Matar and Valeria Garbin)


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PhD students:
Rebecca Liyanage (2014-2018), Takeshi Kurotori (2015-2019)

Postdoctoral researchers:
Sayed Alireza Hosseinzadeh Hejazi (2017-2018) 
Lisa Joss (2016-2018)

MSc students: Giuseppe Pancione (2016), Nabeel Hamad (2017), Joshua Momodu (2017), Elena Rietmann (2017), Claudia De Luca (2018), Umer Shams Siddiqui (2018), Eisa Al-Ghanim (2018), Angeliki Chalasti (2019), Rheya Soares (2019), Xuanyu Tong (2019), Yuxin Zuo (2019)

Guest Lectures

Laboratory studies to understand the controls of flow and transport for CO2 storage, Science For Clean Energy Forum, The Geological Society, London, UK, 2019

Measuring and imaging chemical transport in heterogeneous porous media, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK, 2019

Measuring and imaging solute transport in heterogeneous porous media, Princeton University, Princeton, USA, 2019

High-pressure gas sorption studies on shales, The Geological Society, London, UK, 2017