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Emeritus Professor Ray Rivers

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Physics

Distinguished Research Fellow



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I am a member of the Theoretical Physics Group and the cross-disciplinary Centre for Complexity Science (CCS), My current research follows two broad, but very different, paths that reflect this duality; field theory and complex spatial networks.

My work on complexity, which is currently my major activity, is frequently in collaboration with Tim Evans of the Theoretical Physics Group and students at the CCS and addresses issues in modelling archaeological data and its networks. In this I am part of a mainly European grouping incorporating computer scientists and archaeologists. Such modelling is strongly influenced by that used in contemporary urban planning for transport and by ecologists and economists. Like astrophysics, archaeology is intrinsically Bayesian (although data is very poor)  and an information-theoretic approach, e.g. MaxEnt,, can be very productive. I am currently using generalised entropies (Renyi/Tsallis) and Optimal Transport Theory to help understand the most useful ontologies of data sets.

Whereas quantum field theory papers can be found easily on the arXiv, in archaeology no such archiving exits. My archaeology papers occur equally in journals (e.g. Antiquity) and monographs (sometimes published years after the event). Tim Evans' web page gives access to some of them.



Rivers R, Evans T, 2020, How do we avoid imposing the present on the past when modelling spatial interactions?, Documenta Praehistorica, Vol:47, ISSN:1318-6701, Pages:462-475

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Rivers RJ, Steer DA, Lin C-Y, et al., 2018, When are two fermions a simple boson? New Gross-Pitaevskii actions for cold Fermi condensates, Annals of Physics, Vol:396, ISSN:0003-4916, Pages:495-516

Hsiang J-T, Lee D-S, Lin C-Y, et al., 2015, Quantum sound-cone fluctuations in cold Fermi gases: Phonon propagation, Physical Review A, Vol:91, ISSN:1050-2947


Rivers R, Knitter D, Bilger M, et al., 2018, CRC1266-A2/moin: Release after Moin Summer School, v.1.01

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