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Project Management - BUSI97183


The module provides students with an understanding of project management and its role as one of the principal managerial tools and approaches in achieving a sustainable competitive advantage for a modern business organisation. It aims to demonstrate how project management can be used to:

  • delineate, design and execute projects to achieve successful project outcomes
  • adapt the management approach to project characteristics and features of external environment
  • achieve strategic business objectives
  • drive and deliver innovation in products, services, processes and business models
  • promote organisational learning and firm-level capability development.

Case studies of major projects and leading international firms are used to examine the real-world challenges facing project-based organisations in different industries and sectors. The module challenges some of the underlying assumptions of traditional project management, such as the focus on time, cost and quality (the ‘triple constraints’) and the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. While traditional project management tools and techniques are essential, students will be introduced to new concepts, frameworks and models which show how an adaptive approach to project management and strategic focus on organisational capabilities and learning are increasingly important in achieving the growth and innovation objectives for a modern organisation.


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