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Robert Sternberg trained first as a biologist at Durham University and later as a filmmaker at the National Film and Television School.  After making educational science programmes in the independent television sector he joined the staff of Imperial''s MSc programme in Science Communication in 1998.  In 2001, Robert designed the current MSc in Science Media Production which focuses specifically on film, television and radio broadcasting.

Outside of Imperial he is visiting tutor at London Film Academy, specialising in story development and directing, and is a consultant to the National Film and Television School on online, practical film education.

Research interests:

  • Narrative constraints on the representation of science on film
  • The use of fictional modes in documentary film
  • Politics of scientific discovery

Current projects:

  • A documentary feature experimenting with alternative ways of representing the progress of an (alternative) non-Darwinian theory of animal evolution
  • Means of delivering online practical film education



Jukes MCH, Pinder M, Grigorenko EL, et al., 2006, Long-term impact of malaria chemoprophylaxis on cognitive abilities and educational attainment: Follow-up of a controlled trial, Plos Clinical Trials, Vol:1, ISSN:1555-5887

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