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Professor Paiboon Sithithaworn and team, Khon Kaen University Liver Fluke and Cholangiocarcinoma Centre, Liver fluke and cholangiocarcinoma biomarkers (part of the Wellcome Global Centre at Imperial), 2010

Dr Marcel Tichem, Twente University, Nanoassembly, 2010 - 2013

Prof. John Griffiths, Li Ka Shing Centre, CRUK Cambridge, MRI, 2009 - 2010

Prof. Helin Zou, Dalian University of Technology, MEMS, 2009 - 2013

Guest Lectures

The development of MEMS mass spectrometers, Invited Paper, 17th Transducers Conf., Barcelona, Soain, 2013

Microfabricated Detectors for Internal Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2013

Magneto-Inductive Waves and Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Queen Mary University of London, London, 2013

Micro- and Nano Self-Assembly, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian, PRC, 2011

Challenges in Surface Tension Self-Assembly, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France, 2011

Magneto-inductive Mach-Zehnder interferometer, Invited Paper, Moscow International Symposium on Magnetism (MISM2011), Moscow, Russia, 2011

Advances in surface tension self-assembly, Invited Paper, Black Forest Focus on Soft Matter 5 (Self Assembly at All Scales), Black Forest, germany, 2011

Applications of Magneto-Inductive Waves in MRI Systems, Oxford University, Oxford, UK, 2011

Inside out: microfabricated detectors for MRI, Invited Plenary, 2nd Int. Conf. of Chinese Society of Micro- and Nano-Technology (CSMNT), Xi’an, China, 2010

Local and remote parametric amplification of magnetic resonance images, Invited Paper, 4th Int. Cong. on Advanced Electromagnetic Materials in Microwaves and Optics, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2010

Miniaturization of electrospray mass spectrometry, Invited Keynote, 1st. Int Sci. Conf. on Microfluidics in Bioanalytical Research, Espoo, Finland, 2010

Microfabricated detectors for internal MRI, Invited Paper, 16th Ann. World Micromachine Summit, Dortmund, Germany, 2010

Microfabricated Probes for Detection of Internal Magnetic Resonance Signals, Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK, 2010

Differentially-Cooled Electrothermal MEMS Actuators, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian, PRC, 2009

Microsystems Technology, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 2009

Biomedical MEMS, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, PRC, 2009

A practical parametric magneto-inductive ring detector, Invited Paper, 3rd Int. Cong. on Advanced Electromagnetic Materials in Microwaves and Optics, London, UK, 2009

Metamaterials and MRI, Southampton University, Southampton, UK, 2009

MEMS - Industry Overview, Invited Keynote, Microsystems in High Value Manufacturing Conf., James Watt Institute, Edinburgh, Scotlan, 2009

Micro contact printing engines, Invited Plenary, 1st Int. Conf. on MEMS (ICMEMS 2009), Madras, India, 2009

Research Staff








Research Student Supervision

Choonee,K, Micro-contact Printing Engines

Liu,D, Sidewall Lithography for Nanostructured MEMS

Moktar,H, MEMS Optical Scan Engines

Seghoonthod,K, Thin-Film RF Receivers for Magnetic resonance Imaging