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Professor Richard Templer

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Chemistry

Senior Research Investigator



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Electrical EngineeringSouth Kensington Campus





Biophysical chemistry of lipid membranes

  • Lipid homeostasis
  • Membrane fusion

Chemical physics of lyotropic liquid crystals

  • Phase behaviour, structure and energetics
  • Phase transition kinetics
  • Phase behaviour at high pressure


Professor Nigel Burroughs, University of Warwick, Modelling the immune synapse

Professor Calum Drummond, CSIRO, Melbourne and Sydney, Membrane protein crystallisation

Professor Paul O'Shea, University of Nottingham

Dr Oscar Ces, Chemistry, Imperial College London

Professor Roland Winter, University of Dortmund

Professor Paul French, Physics, Imperial College London

Dr Ian Gould, Chemistry, Imperial College London, Drug-lipid interactions

Professor Xiaodong Zhang, Medicine, Imperial College London, PspA - membrane interactions

Professor Martin Buck, Life Sciences, Imperial College London, PspA - membrane interactions

Dr Liming Ying, NHLI, Imperial College London

Professor George Attard, University of Southampton, Lipid homeostasis

Professor Paula Booth, University of Bristol, Membrane protein folding

Professor Dan Davis, Life Sciences, Imperial College London, Membrane organisation at the synapse

Dr Rumiana Dimova, Max Planck Institute for Colloids and Interfaces, Golm, Membrane fusion

Professor Tony Gee, GSK, Clinical Imaging Centre, Drug-membrane interactions

Professor David Klug, Chemistry, Imperial College London

Professor John Seddon, Chemistry, Imperial College London

Dr Adam Squires, University of Reading

Professor Ake Wieslander, Stockholm University

Dr Mauricio Barahona, Maths, Imperial College London

Professor Andrew de Mello, Imperial College London

Professor Nick Long, Chemistry, Imperial College London, PET ligand synthesis

Dr Sophia Yaliraki, Chemistry, Imperial College London, Modelling membrane binding

Professor Kim Parker, Bioengineering, Imperial College London, Vesicle mechanics

Dr Piers Gaffney, Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London, PI lipid synthesis

Dr Mark Neil, Physics, Imperial College London

Dr Rudiger Woscholski, Chemistry, Imperial College London, PI phosphatases

Research Staff

Dr Seddon EPSRC LSI Fellow,C
















Research Student Supervision

Allen,DS, Membrane protein folding

Alley,DS, Lipid homeostasis in A. Laidlawii

Barriga,H, Is the folding of CCR5 in different detergent-lipid systems dependent on lateral pressure?

Bate,P, MRes on non-specific drug binding

Casey,D, Non-specific binding of PET ligands

Castle,DS, Sensing bilayer pressures

Ces,DO, Pressure effects on lipid phase behaviour

Child,C, Bridging the In-Vivo, In-Vitro Divide in Non-Specific Binding

Clay,E, Chemical reactions at membrane interfaces

Conn,DC, Kinetics of lyotropic phase transitions

Curran,DR, Membrane protein folding

Duesing,DP, Pressure induced phase behaviour

Furse,S, Synthesis, curvature elasticity and biochemistry of PIP2 lipids

Heron,DA, CCT-lipid interactions effects of charge

Huang,DZ, PC/FA mixtures

Kaplinsky,J, Single cell proteomics

Khoo,DB, Studies of curvature elasticity

Knott,J, Single vesicle stress measurement

Kulkarni,C, Membrane protein crystallisation in bicotninuous cubic phases

Ling,R, MRes on non-sepcific drug binding

Macey,R, Drug non-specific binding studies

Madan,K, MSc on DOPE/DOPC/MO phase behaviour

Moriarty,DS, Biocompatible lipids

Mulet,DX, PI lipid phase behaviour and single cell manipulation

Roberts,DS, Di-chained oxyethylene surfactant phase behaviour

Sakya,DP, Epitaxial relationships in lyotropics

Sebai,DS, Non-specific binding of PET ligand

Sennoga,DC, In-cubo protein crystallisation

Serrano,J, MRes on the sigma-1 receptor

Shearman,DG, Instabilities in surfactant phase behaviour

Squires,DA, Energetics and kinetics of lyotropic phase transitions

Swain,DG, MRes on membrane toxin interactions

Tang,D, Kinetics of lyotropic phase transitions

Turner,C, Quantitative SNARE fusion studies

Warrender,DN, FA/PC phase behaviour

Yates,DC, Lyotropic polymers

Zeb,DN, Glycolipid phase behaviour