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I am a Specialty Registrar in General Surgery on the East of Scotland rotation. I have taken some time away from the clinical training programme in order to undertake a period of research in my chosen subspecialty of Vascular Surgery. My undergraduate training was at St George''s Hospital Medical School and core surgical training was undertaken in the South West of England.

I have an interest in venous disease and my particular area of study is chronic venous ulceration which is the culmination of persistent venous insufficiency. Typically the mainstay of treatment is compression bandaging but this does not always succeed and the threat of recurrence is very high.

My particular work will be to try and unpick the biology of chronic venous ulceration in order to help explain why some wounds do not heal and if there are any ways that we can use this knowledge to help future patients. 

My research will be carried out in London and Cambridge.





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