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Roland Veltkamp received his clinical training as a stroke neurologist in Heidelberg, Germany, and at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, USA. His research interests encompass emergency therapy of ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke and stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation. His research has led to new methods of Afib detection on the stroke unit and to the improvement of acute stroke management in patients on anticoagulants. His translational stroke research group investigates the role of the immune system after stroke.  In a landmark study, his group has described a major protective role of regulatory T cells in experimental stroke. Recent findings in his laboratory have led to a phase II clinical stroke trial testing the effect of the leukocyte adhesion blocker natalizumab in stroke.

Currently, Prof. Veltkamp  serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the European Stroke Organisation and is an international delegate of the program committee of the AHA International Stroke Conference. 



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