Imperial College London

Prof. Ramon Vilar

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Chemistry

Professor of Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry



+44 (0)20 7594 1967r.vilar Website




301HMolecular Sciences Research HubWhite City Campus





  • Synthesis of metal-containing drugs and study of their interactions with
    DNA (as potential anticancer drugs) and proteins (as inhibitors of phosphatases).
  • Development of metal-containing probes for biomedical imaging (MRI and optical)
  • Organometallic chemistry of palladium (cross-coupling reactions, development of
    fast chemical processes for PET labelling)
  • Development of receptors for selective recognition of anions (phosphate, chloride, arsenate)
    and cations (mercury, lead) for the development of chemical sensors
  • Anion templated synthesis of supramolecular assemblies

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Kuimova, Marina, Chemistry, Imperial College London

Ying, Liming, NHLI, Imperial College London

Mann, David, Life Sciences, Imperial College London

Woscholski, Rudiger, Chemistry, Imperial College London

Prof. S. Neidle

National Institute of Chemistry

Long, Nick, Chemistry, Imperial College London

Aboagye, Eric, Surgery and Cancer, Imperial College London

Research Staff





Research Student Supervision

Abd-Karim,NH, PhD Student. Project: INteraction of metal complexes with DNA

Balali-mood,B, PhD Student, Project: Caged Gd(III) complexes as MRI contrast agents

Behjat,H, PhD Student. Project: Development of receptors for inositol phosphates

Cowell,S, PhD Student, Project: MRI probes for the detection of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs)

Klejevskaja,B, PhD Student, Project:Structural and functional characterization of potential G-quadruplex motif from the promoter region of GATA-4 gene

Li,X, PhD Student. Project: Functionalised nanostructured metal oxides for anion and cation sensing

Moffat,C, PhD Students, Project: Development of arsenate scavvengin and sensing materials

Patel,C, PhD Student. Polymers and gels for phosphate recognition

Shivalingam,A, PhD Student, Investigation into the role of quadruplex DNA sequences in the promoter regions of peptidase

Stafford,V, PhD Student, Project: Interaction of multimetallic complexes and DNA

Suntharalingam,K, PhD Student, Project: Metal complexes as quadruplex DNA stabilisers

Whyte,G, PhD Student. Project: Molecular Receptors for phosphoinositols

Wilson,N, PhD Student. Project: Optical probes for NO and CO sensing