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I received a BSc from Oxford University (Engineering Science), a PhD from Cambridge University (Electrical Engineering) and a DSc also from Cambridge University (Mathematics). I spent two years at the Electronic Systems Lab., M.I.T. (Harkness Fellowship). Since 1974, I have had academic posts at Imperial College. I became Professor (Control Theory) in the EEE Department in 1991. 

I am a former Dean/Consul of the Faculty of Engineering and a former Head of the Control and Power Research Group. I have been Director or co-Director of several research programmes, including a joint EPSRC Programme Grant with Cambridge University, the Data and Information Fusion DTC and EU networks. I served on the EPSRC advisory panel (Engineering) and was a panellist for the 2014 Research Evaluation Framework (REF).

I have had visiting positions at overseas universities and research centres, including MIT, Univ. Toronto, Univ. British Columbia, Univ. Paris VI and IX, Mathematics Research Centre Montreal, Polish Academy of Sciences and Trieste Inst. of Advanced Study. 

My research has centred on nonlinear control, optimization, differential games, tracking and estimation. I have published over 150 scientific papers and three text books. My 2000 monograph Optimal Control is a standard reference in the field. 




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