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Professor Vollum's research interests are wide, encompassing the following topics: long-term deflections of reinforced concrete slabs, beam-column joints, shear in beams, punching shear, strut and tie modelling, non-linear finite element analysis, the design of reinforced concrete slabs, control of cracking induced by early age thermal contraction and subsequent shrinkage, structural design. 
He has developed a method for predicting the deflection of slabs that takes construction loading into account. The numerical work was calibrated with data from the in-situ concrete building at BRE Cardington with which he was closely involved. More recently, he led an EPSRC project (EP/D505488/1) which developed a design method for using concrete blinding as struts in cut and cover excavations.

Recent work has focused on punching shear in flat slabs as well as shear enhancement near supports of beams.Currently, he is co-leading an EPSRC project (EP/T004142/1) into the cracking behaviour of reinforced concrete elements subjected to the restraint of imposed strains. This is a joint project with the University of Leeds (EP/T004185/1).



Prof John Forth, University of Leeds, Understanding the cracking behaviour of reinforced concrete elements subjected to the restraint of imposed strains, 2020

Research Staff


Research Student Supervision

Abdelsalam,M, Design of wide beam flooring systems

Abela,J, Design of blinding struts

Afshar,N, Modelling of tension stiffening in RC slabs

Amini,H, Automated reinforcement design for structures loaded in plane stress

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Eder,MA, Inelastic behaviour of hybrid steel/concrete column to flat slab assemblages

Elwakeel,AB, Shear Enhancement in RC Beams Loaded on the Tension Face

Fang,L, Strut and tie modelling of reinforced concrete

Hossain,T, Numerical Modelling of deflections of reinforced concrete slabs under service loads

Kabosh,MA, Modelling time dependent behaviour of axially restrained reinforced concrete slabs

Micallef,M, Crack control in base-restrained reinforced concrete walls

Murad,Y, Analytical and numerical assessment of seismically vulnerable corner connections under bidirectional loading in RC framed structures

Oikonomou-Mpegetis,S, Design of steel fibre reinforced concrete slabs

Sagaseta,J, The influence of aggregate fracture on the shear strength of reinforced concrete beams

Setiawan,A, Efficient Strategy for Modelling Punching Failure of Flat Slabs

Soares,LFS, Influence of slab continuity on punching resistance

Tay,UL, Improved design methods for reinforced concrete wide beam floors

Vella,JP, Development of Novel Connection Methodsbetween Precast Concrete Panels

Yu,J, Assessing ground interaction effects and potential damage to existing tunnels before and after new excavation works