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Organiser, Mechanisms of Gene Expression. (Undergraduate)

Lecturer, Molecular Biology II. (Undergraduate)

Mechanisms of Gene Expression - LIFE96020


This course aims at making students aware of the molecular events underlying controlled gene expression patterns during many different types of biological events. By the end of the course, they should be familiar with the current concepts and models of gene expression in organisms from all evolutionary domains and should develop an appreciation of the applications of such knowledge in many fields of contemporary biology and medicine. 


Course Leader

Genes and Genomics - LIFE95009


The aim of this course is to build upon the fundamental molecular biology you learned in MB. The 
course will draw upon advances in genomic technology to achieve this. This will mean reenforcing some key concepts without overly repeating what was taught last year. We will also 
introduce some new areas to develop your interests and prime you for the final year where some 
of you may want to pursue molecular biology-related topics in more depth. The assessment of 
this course will reflect these learning outcomes (see below).
This document should be more than a timetable to you. It is your ‘Genes and Genomics Bible’. 
Not only does it tell you when and where each teaching session is, but also allows you to 
organize your progress in the various coursework elements, tells you what you should already 
know from first year teaching and what you should be learning now. Please complete it as you 
progress through the course.