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Dr Rachel Gibson

Faculty of MedicineSchool of Public Health

Honorary Research Associate







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I am a UK Registered Dietitian.   I graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Nutrition and Dietetics from King’s College London in 2013.  I completed my PhD in Nutritional Epidemiology at Imperial College London in 2017 (The association between diet and working hours with markers of cardio-metabolic health in the British police force).  As part of my PhD I established the nutritional assessment arm of the Airwave Health Monitoring study – an ongoing longitudinal cohort study of the Great British police force conducted by Imperial College London. 

I am currently working as a Research Associate for The International Study of Macro-and Micro-Nutrients (INTERMAP) team investigating the role of foods and nutrients in blood pressure.

Areas of research interest:

  •  The improvement of dietary assessment in epidemiological and clinical settings
  •  The influence of occupational factors on diet and cardio-metabolic health
  •  Dietary patterns and their association with markers of cardio-metabolic health



Panchbhaya A, Baldwin C, Gibson R, 2022, Improving the Dietary Intake of Health Care Workers through Workplace Dietary Interventions: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, Advances in Nutrition, Vol:13, ISSN:2161-8313, Pages:595-620

Aljuraiban GS, Gibson R, Al-Freeh L, et al., 2022, Associations Among Plant-Based Dietary Indexes, the Dietary Inflammatory Index, and Inflammatory Potential in Female College Students In Saudi Arabia: A Cross-Sectional Study., J Acad Nutr Diet, Vol:122, ISSN:2212-2672, Pages:771-785.e8

Chan Q, Wren G, Lau CH, et al., 2022, Blood pressure interactions with the DASH dietary pattern, sodium, and potassium: The International Study of Macro-/Micronutrients and Blood Pressure (INTERMAP), The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Leeming ER, Mompeo O, Turk P, et al., 2022, Characterisation, procedures and heritability of acute dietary intake in the Twins UK cohort: an observational study, Nutrition Journal, Vol:21

Al Khatib H, Dikariyanto V, Bermingham KM, et al., 2022, Short sleep and social jetlag are associated with higher intakes of non-milk extrinsic sugars, and social jetlag is associated with lower fibre intakes in those with adequate sleep duration: a cross-sectional analysis from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey Rolling Programme (Years 1-9), Public Health Nutrition, ISSN:1368-9800

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