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Renos completed his Ph.D. research in the Centre for Transport Studies in September 2020 and has been a research associate at the Transport Systems and Logistics Laboratory ever since. His research area revolves around ride-sourcing and how it can be transformed by the introduction of Autonomous Vehicles(AVs). Renos is particularly interested in developing optimization algorithms and simulation tools of AV ride-sourcing fleets to assist policymakers, operators and researchers. 

During his Ph.D., Renos initially developed an agent-based modeling framework of AV ride-sourcing fleets in urban environments. The modelling framework is aimed to be used for policy insights or the development and testing of AV fleet operation algorithms by researchers. Additionally, Renos developed a ridesharing assignment and pricing methodology based on double auctions, to serve as a substitute for surge pricing by ride-sourcing firms. His research also considers AV fleet rebalancing depending on stochastic demand, with models that can either maximise firm revenue or social welfare.

Renos graduated from Imperial College in June 2014 with an MEng degree in Civil Engineering. After graduation, Renos has worked in Mott MacDonald where he was involved in various projects serving clients like Network Rail as a Transport Planner initially and as a Structural Engineer for the Sheffield Lower Don Flood Defence Scheme at a later stage. Renos has also worked as an intern in BP UK where he was a Completions Engineering Intern providing consultation for improvement of existing offshore equipment. Renos is also currently a quantitative researcher at Simudyne, a London-based FinTech startup.



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