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Reuben is a Teaching Fellow in the Department of Chemistry at Imperial College London where he has a specific focus and responsibility for teaching organic chemistry.

He is an academic tutor at both first and second year, lectures on a core second year organic chemistry module, and has teaching duties in laboratories across the undergraduate chemistry degree programmes. Within the department, he also co-coordinates the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP).

Reuben completed his PhD at the University of Auckland in New Zealand during 2019. His doctoral research was concerned with the synthesis of bioactive indole alkaloids via both natural product and target-based approaches. Following this, he held a number of positions in both secondary and higher education administration and teaching before joining Imperial.

He also has research interests focused around numerous themes, more broadly within education. These include: the impact of digital technologies and active learning on engagement and achievement in chemistry higher education; secondary to tertiary education transition; and teacher education in higher education.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Tang JS, Cait A, White RM, et al., 2022, MR1-dependence of unmetabolized folic acid side-effects, Frontiers in Immunology, Vol:13

Eurtivong C, Pilkington LI, van Rensburg M, et al., 2020, Discovery of novel phosphatidylcholine-specific phospholipase C drug-like inhibitors as potential anticancer agents, European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Vol:187, ISSN:0223-5234, Pages:111919-111919

More Publications