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Tang JS, Cait A, White RM, Arabshahi HJ, OSullivan D, Gasser Oet al., 2022, MR1-dependence of unmetabolized folic acid side-effects, Frontiers in Immunology, Vol: 13

<jats:p>The fortification of flour with folic acid for the prevention of neural tube defects (NTD) is currently mandated in over eighty countries worldwide, hence compelling its consumption by the greater part of the world’s population. Notwithstanding its beneficial impact on rates of NTD, pervasive folic acid supplementation has invariably led to additive daily intakes reaching well beyond their original target, resulting in the circulation of unmetabolized folic acid. Associated idiopathic side-effects ranging from allergies to cancer have been suggested, albeit inconclusively. Herein, we hypothesize that their inconsistent detection and elusive etiology are linked to the <jats:italic>in vivo</jats:italic> generation of the immunosuppressive folic acid metabolite 6-formylpterin, which interferes with the still emerging and varied functions of Major Histocompatibility Complex-related molecule 1 (MR1)-restricted T cells. Accordingly, we predict that fortification-related adverse health outcomes can be eliminated by substituting folic acid with the bioequivalent folate vitamer 5-methyltetrahydrofolate, which does not break down into 6-formylpterin.</jats:p>

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Eurtivong C, Pilkington LI, van Rensburg M, White RM, Brar HK, Rees S, Paulin EK, Xu CS, Sharma N, Leung IKH, Leung E, Barker D, Reynisson Jet al., 2020, Discovery of novel phosphatidylcholine-specific phospholipase C drug-like inhibitors as potential anticancer agents, European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Vol: 187, Pages: 111919-111919, ISSN: 0223-5234

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