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Richie’s research is focussed on discovering why some people age healthily whilst others fracture, then using the knowledge to help us to find more effective tools for predicting and preventing fractures.

Working in collaboration with clinicians, engineers and materials scientists Richie’s current projects are focussed on studying what makes bone strong, how osteoporosis makes bones fragile and how treatments restore strength.

By imaging bone with a particle accelerator at the Diamond Light Source (Didcot, UK)  Richie is discovering that the basic building blocks of bone (i.e. collagen and mineral) determine the strength and fundamental fracture mechanisms of bone.

This new knowledge will change the way our bone research community studies bone as a nano-composite where strength is derived from the nano-scale up. The new paradigm will help us to prevent fractures through better diagnostics, prediction of fracture risk and identifying new treatment targets.


Richie is the Deputy Domain Leader for Research Skills with Dr Jenni Quint and Deputy Director of the BSc in Surgical Technology and Innovation with Mr Jamie Murphy.

The MSk lab is always accepting volunteers and new members for our Bone Patient Involvement Group to be informed of upcoming research, events and trials.

Selected Publications

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More Publications