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Dr. Richie Abel joined the Department of Surgery and Cancer in December 2010. Richie is interested in studying bone quality, with particular regard to tissue development and senescence. The general aim is to improve the diagnosis and measurement of treatment outcomes for metabolic bone diseases.


Bisphosphonates are used to treat osteoporosis and are effective at reducing the risk of fracture by suppressing bone resorption and increasing bone strength. However, the use of bisphosphonates for managing osteoporosis remains a clinical challenge, including patient selection and adherence.

Our recent research published in the Nature Journal Scientific Reports reveals that in some patients long-term treatment with the frontline therapy for osteoporosis (bisphosphonate) might actually weaken bones. Read about it on The Guardian and The BBC.

Richie is researching bone quality: the material and structural basis for bone quality. Current research includes developing novel metrics for bone quality by measuring structural, metabolic, material and mechanical properties.

Developing state of the art 3D imaging techniques such as clinical-, micro- and synchrotron-CT to visualise the hierarchical structure of bone at the gross, micron and submicron levels respectively. Applying serum blood analysis to measure bone formation and resorption. As well as mechanically testing bone samples to measure mechanical properties (e.g. strength, stiffness and fracture toughness).

The metrics are used to assess the effects of aging, lifestyle and pharmacologic agents on bone health e.g. bisphosphonates and cancer treatments such as ADT. More recently Richie has been testing the usefulness of nano- and micro-indenters for assessing the quality of a patients bone in vivo.

As yet virtually all of the metrics, except biochemical markers, are collected ex vivo. Richie is working to identify and test devices that could be used in vivo to diagnose disease, monitor progression and evaluate treatment outcomes. The metrics could also be used to asses the efficacy of novel treatment for bone disease. 


Richie is course Leader for Year 1-2 MBBS Research Design and Statistics. Course Leader Year 1 MBBS Problem Based Learning. Module Director for BSc in Medicine Year 4 Surgical Technology and Innovation. Pastoral roles include postgraduate education committee (PGEC) representative and campus tutor for postgraduate research students at Charing Cross.

The MSk lab is always accepting volunteers and new members for our Bone Patient Involvement Group to be informed of upcoming research, events and trials.

Selected Publications

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More Publications