Imperial College London

Professor Sir Roy Anderson FRS, FMedSci

Faculty of MedicineSchool of Public Health

Professor in Infectious Disease Epidemiology



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LG35Norfolk PlaceSt Mary's Campus





STD control, CDC Atlanta

HIV drug resistance, EU

SCI Programme, Harvard

Leishmania Programme, Institut Pasteur

Bioterrorism models, NIH

STD control, University of Washington, Seattle

AIDS epidemiology, UNAIDS

Guest Lectures

Charterhouse Telegraph Lecture, 2011, "Globalisation of higher education", 2011

Darwin Lecture, Linnean Society, 2010, "Evolution of pathogens", Linnean Society, 2010

Wilton Park Lecture, 2008, "Risks and benefits of dual use science", 2008

Institute of Child Health Annual Lecture, 2008, "Some issues in global health", 2008

Royal Statistical Society Lecture, 2007, "Defence against biological weapons", 2007

Rouse Ball Lecture, University of Cambridge, 2007, "The mathematics of epidemics: history of and recent developments in epidemic outbreak analysis", 2007

Linnean Society Lecture for the Royal Institution, 2006, "Plagues and people", 2006

Foundation for Science and Technology Lecture, 2006, "Bioterrorism", 2006

Ernst Chain Lecture, Imperial College London, 2005, "Pathogen evolution and bioterrorism - which is the greater threat?", 2005

ICAAC Award lecture, 2004, "Transmission dynamics of infectious diseases", ICAAC, 2004

The Kwok Foundation Lecture, 2004, "The SARS epidemic: lessons learnt", Sun-Yat Sen University, Guangzhou, China, 2004

Foreign Office Chevening Lecture, Mumbai, India, 2004, "Global benefits of excellence in higher education", 2004

The first Macaulay Institute, Royal Society of Edinburgh SABRI Lecture, 2002, "Epidemics of infectious diseases in livestock: the interface between scientific research and policy formulation", 2002

The Nuffield Medal Lecture, 2002, "The AIDS pandemic and the threat of drug resistance in developing and developed countries", 2002

The 23rd Annual Campden Lecture, 2001, "The 2001 foot and mouth epidemic in the UK", 2001

The Fogarty International Lecture, National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bethesda, USA, 2001, "The population biology of HIV pathogenesis and the evolution of drug resistance in treated patients", 2001

Honess Memorial Lecture, National Institutes for Medical Research, UK, 2001, "The evolution of drug resistance and its control"

Sir Henry Tizard Lecture, Westminster School, 2001, "Epidemics of infectious diseases in livestock"