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Ryan is a postgraduate researcher and assistant Teaching Fellow working on Bioprocess Technology and Environmental Resource Management for Sustainable Development. 

During his PhD, Ryan specialised in decision-making under uncertainty in the Sustainable Bioeconomy transition. He performed a systematic review and integrative assessments relating to the Offshore Multiuse Setting in addition to design and techno-economic modelling of a seaweed biorefinery. Ryan was also a visiting scholar at the Clean Energy Research Centre, University of British Columbia hosted by Professor Xiaotao Bi.

For his teaching, Ryan has lectured on the Bioeconomy, Algal Biotechnology and Beyond GDP topics. He is also a supervisor to several MSc students in the field of Natural Resource Management.

Prior to his PhD, Ryan was a Research Scientist in a Biotechnology Process and Development team at Pall Corporation. He holds an MSc with Distinction in Environmental Technology and a BSc First-Class Honours in Biology. 

Key terms: Circular Bioeconomy, Seaweed Aquaculture, Integrative Assessment and Modelling, Biological Engineering, Decision Analysis, Sustainable Development and Environmental Management. 



O'Shea R, Collins A, Howe C, 2022, Offshore multi-use setting: Introducing integrative assessment modelling to alleviate uncertainty of developing seaweed aquaculture inside wind farms, Environmental Challenges, Vol:8, ISSN:2667-0100, Pages:1-11

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