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Ryan is an interdisciplinary LISS DTP postgraduate researcher at the Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London. He is also supported by the NERC-funded SSCP DTP run by the Grantham Institute. 

Ryan works at the interface between Biotechnology and Sustainability fields. 

He is performing a Systems Analysis of Seaweed Aquaculture development inside Wind Farms. The purpose of the research is to elucidate the consequences- positive and/or negative- of this scenario. The evaluation is conducted using a mixed-methods approach to, firstly, propose qualitative models to promote understanding. Subsequently, these frameworks are being used in mathematical analysis to provide recommendations for sustainable engineering and management of Seaweed Aquaculture inside Wind farms. 

More broadly, his research intends to highlight a novel approach for evaluating multidimensional sustainability of innovations in the Circular Bioeconomy transition.  

The project has a network of collaborators representing industry, academic governmental and non-governmental perspectives. 

Key terms: Circular Bioeconomy, Seaweed Aquaculture, Integrative Assessment and Modelling, Biosystems Engineering and Sustainable Development. 

This work is conducted under the supervision of Caroline Howe and Alexandra Collins at the Transdisciplinary Centre for Nature and People research group. Ryan is also a Freelance Consultant at Radiance- helping governments, companies and NGOs to accelerate the transition to a zero carbon world. He is also a member of IMarEST, BES and the Young Scholars Initiative.

Prior to his PhD, Ryan was a Research Scientist in Biotechnology Process Applications and Development for a global corporation. He holds an MSc with Distinction in Environmental Technology and a BSc First-Class Honours in Biology.