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Professor Rylie Green joined the Bioengineering department at Imperial College London in 2016. She received her PhD (Biomedical Engineering) from the University of New South Wales, Australia in 2008.

Prof Green has developed a range of innovative materials to address the limitations that hinder the development of next-generation bioelectronic devices. Her focus has been in developing bioelectronic technologies that are soft, stretchable and mediate improved electrical charge transfer with the body. This has included pioneering work on living bioelectronics, which are designed to grow into the body. This research has initiated collaborations with Galvani Bioelectronics, Cochlear Ltd and the US Department of Defense.

Prof Green holds Editorial roles with APL Bioengineering, Frontiers in Medical Technology, IEEE OAJMB, Advanced Bionanomedicine and Biomaterials. She has received a number of awards including an EPSRC Healthcare Technologies Challenge Award (2018), winner of the Royal Society for Chemistry Emerging Technologies: Materials and Enabling Technologies (2018) and a Suffrage Science Award (2017).




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