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Recent publication:

Ancient Martian aeolian processes and palaeomorphology reconstructed from the Stimson formation on the lower slope of Aeolis Mons, Gale crater, Mars

Steven G. Banham, Sanjeev Gupta, David M. Rubin, Jessica A. Watkins, Dawn Y. Sumner, Kenneth S. Edgett, John P. Grotzinger, Kevin W. Lewis, Lauren A. Edgar, Kathryn M. Stack‐Morgan, Robert Barnes, James F. Bell III, Mackenzie D. Day, Ryan C. Ewing, Mathieu G.A. Lapotre, Nathan T. Stein, Frances Rivera‐Hernandez, and Ashwin R. Vasavada.

First published: 12 April 2018 Sedimentology | formation unconformity

Research Outline

My research is on the Sedimentological reconstruction of ancient habitable environments on the lower slopes of Mount Sharp, Gale Crater, Mars, using data collected by the Curiosity Rover.

Current investigation involves analysis of grain-scale textures, sedimentary facies, architectural elements, and palaeocurrent data collected from the Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) and the MastCam instruments. This information can then be used to reconstruct the ancient martian landscape, and better understand sediment transport processes, depositional envirionments, and the regional climate.

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