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Stefano started the five-year Doctoral programme at the Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in 2017. He previously joined Imperial College Business School in 2016 as a research assistant to Professor Markus Perkmann and Professor Paola Criscuolo.

In his research, Stefano focuses on organisational learning and on processes of knowledge production. He is currently working on two main projects. First, he is interested in how experts manage large Intellectual Property portfolios within firms. His main objective is to understand how individuals learn and make better decisions in complex environments that do not provide an unambiguous feedback. Second, he studies the patenting process within large firms. He focuses on the knowledge production practices of individuals and teams, and on the internal selection processes by which inventions are evaluated and filed for patent protection. His main objective is to identify the factors that influence the production and performance of patented inventions. These and future projects will reflect his interest in understanding how individual and organisational knowledge originates, evolves, and diffuses over time.

Stefano uses several quantitative and data mining methodologies. His background in Aerospace Engineering granted him experience with multiple programming languages and mathematical modelling methods. His most recent projects were related the automated data scraping of multiple online databases (e.g. Google Patents, Scopus, FAME/AMADEUS, etc.) and the mining of large volumes of textual data (NLP, topic modelling, etc.).

Before starting the Doctoral programme, Stefano gained some hands-on entrepreneurial experience by being the sole founder and director of a small business in the hotel industry.