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I am a mathematician and a software engineer interested in probing biological systems using mathematical and computational tools. I’ve worked on a wide range of topics - from phylogenetics using algebraic methods to studying pain response using a convolution model.  I am working at Imperial on the problem of quantifying the risk of exportation of an outbreak from one country to another.

Another area in which I like to dabble is the use of the web to illuminate complex ideas. I am an amateur web developer and like to play around with D3, Leaflet and other javascript toys in my spare time.



Imai N, Gaythorpe K, Bhatia S, et al., 2022, COVID-19 in Japan, January – March 2020: insights from the first three months of the epidemic, Bmc Infectious Diseases, ISSN:1471-2334

Wardle J, Bhatia S, Kraemer MUG, et al., 2022, Gaps in mobility data and implications for modelling epidemic spread: a scoping review and simulation study

Polonsky JA, Bhatia S, Fraser K, et al., 2022, Feasibility, acceptability, and effectiveness of non-pharmaceutical interventions against infectious diseases among crisis-affected populations: a scoping review, Infectious Diseases of Poverty, Vol:11, ISSN:2095-5162

Bhatia S, Imai N, Cuomo-Dannenburg G, et al., 2021, Estimating the number of undetected COVID-19 cases among travellers from mainland China, Wellcome Open Research, Vol:5, Pages:143-143

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