Imperial College London


Faculty of MedicineSchool of Public Health

Senior Lecturer



+44 (0)20 7594 5029s.bhatt




G32ASt Mary's Research BuildingSt Mary's Campus





My interests lie in the development and application of inferential mathematical models to address policy-relevant questions about infectious diseases. My main areas of research concern Malaria and HIV. Methodologically, I am interested in spatial statistics, Gaussian processes, kernel machines and machine learning.



Forlani C, Bhatt S, Cameletti M, et al., 2020, A joint bayesian space-time model to integrate spatially misaligned air pollution data in R-INLA, Environmetrics, ISSN:1099-095X

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Walker PGT, Whittaker C, Watson OJ, et al., 2020, The impact of COVID-19 and strategies for mitigation and suppression in low- and middle-income countries, Science, Vol:369, ISSN:0036-8075, Pages:413-422

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