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Current activities

Sara is a Research Associate at the Sustainable Gas Institute (SGI,, which is a unique academic-industry partnership aiming at: examining the environmental, economic and technological role of natural gas in the global energy landscape; defining the technologies and develop energy systems models that could explore the role of gas and other energy sources; helping to advance technology roadmaps to support future R&D investment decisions; addressing the global challenge of how to mitigate climate change.

Her research interests include methodologies of quantitative assessment of energy systems, from the equipment scale to the global scale. Within the Sustainable Gas Institute, she focuses on the decarbonisation of the energy system by means of energy saving technologies, management approaches and policies.

She is currently responsible for the development of the industrial module for the integrated assessment model MUSE (ModUlar energy system Simulation Environment), looking at existing and new technologies, their energy consumption, GHG emission and cost on a global scale. For more information on MUSE, please visit the following link:

She is the leading author the second white paper released by the SGI, quantifying the role of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in the current and future utilisation of fossil fuels in a constrained climate change scenario. For more information on the white paper, please visit the following links:

Work experience:

Sara was a Marie Curie Early Stage Research Fellow since September 2011 until September 2014. She was part of the Energy SmartOps project, where she has developed control approaches for centrifugal gas compressors dealing with supercritical carbon dioxide for transportation and storage.

For more information on the Energy SmartOps project, please visit the following links:

Sara has also worked as R&D Aerodynamic engineer in Ansaldo Energia (Italy,, focusing on the Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) analysis of new and existing blade profiles for gas and steam turbines for power generation.


Sara received her PhD degree from the Department of Chemical Engineering (Imperial College London) under the supervision of Professor Nina F. Thornhill. The topic of her PhD is operation and control of centrifugal gas compressors, with a focus on carbon dioxide compressors. Her PhD project was part of the European Project Energy SmartOps. During her PhD she collaborated as visiting reseracher with a number of industrial partners including ESD Simulation Training ( ), Xodus Group ( ) and Compressor Control Corporation ( ).

She received her BEng degree (2006) and MEng degree (2009) in Chemical Engineering and her MSc degree (2010) in Industrial Engineering from University of Genoa (Italy, She spent the first year of her MEng degree as Erasmus student at University College of London (UCL,, receiving the Diploma in International Studies in Engineering.


Sara is a Teaching Assistant in the Chemical Engineering Department for the course “Strategy of Design - CE3-04”. The aim of the course is to introduce students to structured approaches to the design of chemical processes. Through the course, students develop an understanding for the drivers for decision-making in process design, develop strategies to generate good designs quickly despite limited and uncertain information, and gain an understanding of the tools that support process design.

Student supervision:

  • Short research project: Victoria Cowan, Chemical Engineering, Autumn 2016; Kasra Mehdizadeh, Chemical Engineering, Autumn 2016
  • Undergraduate Research Opportunity Programme (UROP): Sasha Dorai, Earth Science and Engineering, Summer 2015; Tu Yuan Neoh, Chemical Engineering, Summer 2017
  • Master project: Ryan Clark, University of Regina (Saskatchewan, Canada).


For a full list please visit her Orcid or Scopus profiles:



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Budinis S, Giarola S, Sachs J, et al., 2017, Modelling the impacts of investors' decision making on decarbonisation pathways in industry, 10th Annual Meeting of the IAMC, IAMC

Giarola S, Budinis S, Sachs J, et al., 2017, Long-term decarbonisation scenarios in the industrial sector, International Energy Workshop

Budinis S, Mac Dowell N, Krevor S, et al., 2017, Can carbon capture and storage unlock `unburnable carbon'?, 13th International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies (GHGT), ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, Pages:7504-7515, ISSN:1876-6102

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