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AB - A theoretical description of the phenomenon of modulation of near-wallturbulence by large scale structures is investigated. The description given issimple in that the effect of large-scale structures is limited to aquasi-steady response of the near-wall turbulence to slow large-scalefluctuations of the skin friction. The most natural and compact form ofexpressing this mechanism is given by the usual Reynolds-number-independentrepresentation of the total skin friction and velocity, scaled in wallvariables, where the mean quantities are replaced by large-scalelow-pass-filtered fluctuating components. The theory is rewritten in terms offuctuations via a universal mean velocity and random mean square fluctuationvelocity profiles of the small-scales and then linearised assuming that thelarge-scale fluctuations are small as compared to the mean components. Thisallows us to express the superposition and modulation coefficients of theempirical predictive models of the skin friction and streamwise fluctuatingvelocity given respectively by Marusic et al. (13th Eur. Turb. Conf., 2011) andMathis et al. (J. Fluid Mech. 2011, vol. 681, pp. 537-566). It is found thatthe theoretical quantities agree well with experimentally determinedcoefficients.
AU - Chernyshenko,SI
AU - Marusic,I
AU - Mathis,R
PY - 2012///
TI - Quasi-steady description of modulation effects in wall turbulence
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