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AB - A new idea for turbulent skin-friction reduction is proposed, wherein theshape of the solid wall is designed to create the spanwise pressure gradientacting similarly to the well-known method of drag reduction by in-planespanwise wall motion. Estimates based on the assumption of similarity with dragreduction effect of in-plane wall motion suggest that drag reduction of about2.4% can be achieved in the flow past a wavy wall, with the crests forming anangle of about 38 degrees with the main flow direction, and the wave period inthe main flow direction equal to about 1500 wall units. The required height ofthe wall waves have to be adjusted to achieve the same intensity of thespanwise motion as that created by an in-plane moving wall of the samewavelength and with peak wall velocity equal to 2 wall units. Further researchis being conducted in order to determine this height. Suggestions are made forfurther research on confirming the feasibility of the proposed method and onoptimising the wall shape.
AU - Chernyshenko,S
PY - 2013///
TI - Drag reduction by a solid wall emulating spanwise oscillations. Part 1
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