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Sarah Daniels

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Consultant AHP | Health and Social Care Lead | UK Dementia Research Institute - Care Research and Technology Centre

Sarah Daniels is an occupational therapist specialising in rehabilitation for people with complex neurological conditions,  working within a range of clinical settings (UK USA).   In 2015, Sarah contributed to the strategic redesign of specialist  (level 2) neuro-rehabilitation services within North West London, leading the team from Albany Rehabilitation Unit, National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery (NHNN), in it's transfer to Imperial College Healthcare NHS trust (ICHT) to establish Charing Cross Neurorehabilitation Unit and specialist neurological rehabilitation outreach service (SNROS).  Sarah continued to work at ICHT as therapy lead for neuro-rehabilitation, until her recent move into the field of care research joining UK Dementia Research Institute Care Research and Technology (UK DRI CR&T) Centre in 2019.

In her role as Health and Social Care Lead, Sarah is committed to partnership working and co-design as a means to drive the translation of digital health and social care research, into sustainable, safe, and integrated systems, that deliver meaningful improvements in both quality of life and the delivery of care.

As an occupational therapist, Sarah's research interests are the development of digital measures and smart home sensing to quantify functional performance of everyday living and daily life routines with the ultimate target of building predictive models of care need and risk, as well as development of AI enabled functional support.

Sarah works closely with her clinical academic colleagues to support health and social care professionals access research opportunities.   She offers clinical mentorship to pre-doctoral and doctoral students and fulfils a clinical advisory role within ICL to Computational, Cognitive and Clinical Neuro-imaging Lab (C3NL), the Dyson School of Design Engineering and the Helix Centre.  She is a member of the strategy board for the Imperial Network of Excellence in Rehabilitation Technologies.



Tiersen F, Batey P, Harrison MJC, et al., 2021, Smart home sensing and monitoring in households with dementia: user-centered design approach, Jmir Aging, Vol:4, ISSN:2561-7605, Pages:1-20

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