Imperial College London

Dr Sara De Matteis

Faculty of MedicineNational Heart & Lung Institute

Honorary Senior Lecturer





G51Emmanuel Kaye BuildingRoyal Brompton Campus





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Research Interests:

Occupational physician and epidemiologist with expertise in occupational lung diseases.

Specific Research areas:

1) Asbestos-related diseases, in particular lung cancer and mesothelioma

2) Occupational asthma, COPD, ILD

3) Occupational exposure methods, and development of new efficient web-based tools

4) Gene-environment interactions in occupational lung diseases

5) Climate change and occupational health co-benefits

Current Research Projects:

I am currently working on the HSE-COPD study in the UK Biobank, a cohort set up to improve our understanding of the environmental and genetic causes of common diseases that recruited 500,000 men and women aged 40-69 from the UK general population.

The overarching goal of the HSE-COPD study is to identify the occupational causes of COPD and related burden in the UK general population in order to implement focused preventive strategies at workplace.


Course organizer and lecturer on epidemiology and statistical methods, occupational lung diseases and occupational health surveillance.



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