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  • UCG gasifier design; 
  • CO2 storage performance assessment; 
  • CBM-ECBM performance assessment; 
  • Underground environment control in coal mines


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UK Research Council FUNDED Projects

Project Name
Funding Agency
Project Number
CO2 injection and storage - Short and long-term behaviour at different spatial scales 
Project co-ordinator: Imperial College; Partners: Herriot Watt University, University of Leeds, British Geological Survey
EPSRC, EP/K035967/1 S Durucan, A Korre
Multiscale whole systems modelling and analysis for CO2 capture, transport and storage 
Project co-ordinator: Imperial College; Partners: Hull University, Cranfield University, University of Sussex, British Geological Survey
UKERC, NE/H01392X/1 S Durucan, A Korre, N Shah

EU FUNDED Projects

Project Name
Project Number
Mitigation and Remediation of CO2 leakage (MiReCOL) 
Project co-ordinator: TNO, the Netherlands; Partners: Imperial College; SINTEF Petroleum Research Norway; IFP Energies nouvelles France; Helmholtz-Zentrum Potsdam, Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum; Germany; University of Edinburgh, UK; Weatherford consultants Norway; Naftna Industrija Srbije AD, Serbia; Shell Global Solutions International BV, the Netherlands; Statoil Petroleum AS Norway  
A Korre, S Durucan
Technology Options for Coupled Underground Coal Gasification and CO2 Capture and Storage (TOPS) 
Project co-ordinator: Imperial College; Partners: Seamwell Int. Ltd. GIG Central Mining Institute Katowice, Poland; Helmholz-Zentrum Potsdam Deutsches Geoforschungs zentrum; TU Delft, the Netherlands; University of Glasgow; Premogovnik Velenje, Slovenia; The Geological Survey Of Denmark And Greenland; Katowicki Holding Weglowy S.A, Poland; Seamwell (Hong Kong) Ltd; Golder Associates, South Africa; Henan Polytechnic University, China; CSIRO Australia; Monash University, Australia; University Of Calgary, Canada; Indiana University, USA
S Durucan, A Korre, JQ Shi
Greenhouse Gas Recovery from Coal Mines and Unmineable Coalbeds and Conversion To Energy (GHG2E) 
Project co-ordinator: Imperial College; Partners: Trolex limited, UK; Formac Electronics Ltd UK;  Coal Mine Velenje, Slovenia; HBP Coal Mine Slovakia; Beijing Sindicatum Ltd, China; China Coal Information Institute, China;China Pingmei Shenma Energy & Chemical Group Co Ltd, China; North China Institute of Science and Technology, China; Henan Polytechnic University, China; Central Mine Planning & Design Institute Ltd, India, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India
S Durucan, A Korre
Characterisation of European CO2 Geological Storage (SiteChar) 
Project co-ordinator: IFP Energies Nouvelles, France; Partners: Imperial College, TNO, Netherlands; SINTEF PR, Norway; GFZ, Germany; NERC, UK; GEUS, Denmark; AGH, Poland UFU, Germany;  ECN, the Netherlands; OGS, Italy; UniRoma-CERI, Italy; Vattenfall AB Sweden; PGNiG, Poland; Enel SpA, Italy; STATOIL Petroleum AS Norway, the Scottish Government, UK
A Korre, S Durucan
Pan-European coordination action on CO2 Geological Storage (CGS-EUROPE) 
Project co-ordinator: Bureau De Recherches Geologiques Et Minieres, France; Partners: Imperial College, 34 partners from EU countries and Associated States
A Korre, S Durucan
CO2 Site Closure Assessment Research (CO2CARE) 
Project co-ordinator: Helmholtz-Zentrum Potsdam Deutsches GeoForschungs Zentrum, Germany; Partners: Imperial College, IFPEN, France; TNO, the Netherlands; NERC, UK; OGS, Italy; BRGM, France; GEUS, Denmark; Uppsala University, Sweden; AirLiquide, France; RWE Power AG, Germany; Statoil Petroleum AS, Norway; Shell International BV, the Netherlands; Vattenfall R&D AB, Sweden; Veolia France; Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures, Canada; University of Alberta, Canada; RITE, Japan; Bureau of Economic Geology, USA; Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory, USA; Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA; and CO2CRC, Australia
S Durucan, A Korre


Project Name
Project Number
Mining Financial Risk Modelling 
Sciemus ltd, UK A Korre, S Durucan


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Project Name
Funding Agency,
Project Number
Whole system dynamic modelling of CCS value chain
Project start: October 2010 (24 months)
Scottish Power Academic Alliance, SPAA1
A Korre, S Durucan, N Shah
Development of Technologies for the Assessment and Control of Gas Emissions and Outbursts in Ultra-Thick Seam Coal Mining (CoGasOUT) 
Project start: July 2009 (36 months) Project co-ordinator: Imperial College; Partners: Mines Rescue Service Limited UK; Coal Mine Velenje, Slovenia; Asociacion para la Investigacion y el Desarrollo Industrial de los Recursos Naturales, Spain; SA Hullera Vasco Leonesa, Spain; K-UTEC AG Salt Technologies, Germany; DMT GmbH & Co. KG, Germany; GIG, Poland; Hornonitrianske bane Prievidza a.s., Slovakia
EU RFCS, CT2010-00002 S Durucan, A Korre 
Life Cycle Analysis of Gas-Fired Power Plant With CCS, Full Chain Comparison With Clean Coal Alternatives
Project start: October 2010 (14 months) 
BG Group A Korre, S Durucan 
Waste & Resources Action Programme: Life Cycle Assessment of Aggregates - EVA025 
Project start: March 2007 (24 months) (tools; user guide; inventory forms)
A Korre, S Durucan 
Greenhouse Gas Removal Apprenticeship and Student Program (GRASP), EU Marie Curie Research Training Network    
Project start: October 2006 (48 months) 
EU MRTN-CT-2006-035068  S Durucan, A Korre 
CO2 geological storage: research into monitoring and verification technology(CO2ReMoVe)
Project start: March 2006 (72 months) Project co-ordinator: Netherlands Institute of Applied Geoscience (TNO), the Netherlands; Partners: 27 major oil and natural gas producers, research institutes and universities
EU Integrated Project FP6-518350 S Durucan, A Korre
Network of Excellence on CO2 Geological Storage (CO2GeoNet)
Project start: March 2004 (60 months) Project co-ordinator: British Geological Survey (BGS), UK; Partners: 13 research institutes and universities
EU Network of Excellence project,  502816  S Durucan, A Korre
CO2 from Capture to Storage (CASTOR) Project start: February 2004 (36 months) Project co-ordinator: Institut Français du Pétrole (IFP), France; Partners: 30 major oil and natural gas producers, research institutes and universities   EU Integrated project, 502586  S Durucan, A Korre
Sustainable agroecosystem management and development of rural-urban interaction in regions and cities of China (SUSDEV-China) Project start: September 2002 (42 months) Project co-ordinator: MTT Agrifood Research, Finland; Partners: Imperial College; Research Centre for Eco-Environmental sciences, Beijing; Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Beijing; Institute of Policy & Management, Beijing; Shijiazhuang Institute of Agricultural Modernization, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province; Tongji University, Shanghai; Institute of Soil and Water Conservation, Shaanxi Province; Institute of Earth Environment, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province; Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai China EC Contract ICA4-CT2002-10004 S Durucan, A Korre
Lifetime Engineering of Buildings and Civil Infrastructures (LIFETIME)  Project start: June 2002 (36 months) Project co-ordinator: VTT Building and Transport, Finland; Partners: Imperial College; Taylor Woodrow Construction Ltd; Centre Scientifique Technique Batiment, France; University of Karlsruhe, Germany    EC Thematic Network GTC1-2001-43046 A Korre, S Durucan
Environmental management of hazardous mining wastes and effluents (ENVIMAN) Project start: September 2000 (36 months) Project co-ordinator: National Technical University of Athens, Greece; Partners: Imperial College; Moscow State Mining University, Russia; ECOTERM, Ukraine; University of Mining and Geology, Bulgaria EC Copernicus Contract ICA-1999-10072 A Korre, S Durucan
Life cycle assessment of mining projects for waste minimisation and long term control of rehabilitated sites™ (LICYMIN) Project start: March 2000 (42 months) Project co-ordinator: Imperial College; Partners: National Technical University of Athens, Greece; Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland; KGHM Polska Miedz S.A., Poland; Arcon Mines Limited, Ireland; TVX Hellas S.A., Greece; General Mining and Metallurgical Company S.A. LARCO™, Greece; University of Mining and Geology "Saint Ivan Rilski", Bulgaria; Bakonyi Bauxitbanya Kft, Hungary. (including NAS-LICYMIN Additional contract to integrate Newly Associated States) EC Contract G1RD-CT-2000-00162 A Korre, S Durucan
Combining geostatistical and bayesian methods to improve the scientific basis for the management of Atlantic mackerel fisheries (GBMAF) Project start: January 2000 (38 months) Project co-ordinator: Imperial College; Partners: Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute, Finland; Rural Affairs Department - Marine Laboratory Aberdeen; University of Helsinki, Finland EC Contract QLK5-CT1999-01253  A Korre, M McAllister, S Durucan

Research Staff

Dr Shi,JQ

Dr Chen,D

Dr Govindan,R

Dr Nie,Z

Dr Syed,A

Research Student Supervision

De La Torre Guzman,J, The Development of a Performance Assessment Methodology for CO2 Storage Sites using Dynamic Pressure and Surface Deformation Data (PhD award: 2016)

Dr Ahmed,S, 3D characterisation of groundwater quality parameters around mines and landfill sites (PhD award: September 2001)

Dr Bacci,G, An experimental and numerical investigation into permeability and injectivity changes during CO2 storage in saline aquifers (PhD award: May 2011)

Dr Chane-Kon,L, Wind erosion modelling of stockpiles and embankments (PhD award: February 2004)

Dr Govindan,R, Development of an unsupervised remote sensing methodology to detect surface leakage from terrestrial CO2 storage sites (PhD award: March 2011)

Dr Imrie,CE, Neural network modelling of river water quality (PhD award: April 2000)

Dr Nie,Z, Life cycle modelling of CO2 capture and geological storage in energy production (PhD award: March 2009)

Dr Smith,J, A methodology to assess geomechanical failure and the risk of leakage through fractures at CO2 storage sites (PhD award: July 2011)

Pan,I, A systems engineering approach to financial risk quantification in primary raw materials production (PhD award: October 2015)