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Emeritus Professor of Computing



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Since the early nineteen sixties an enormous number of programming languages have been designed and implemented. Reasons for the continuous stream of new languages include changes in both the underlying architectures and the range of problems people believe are amenable to solution by computer.  Programming languages are large and complex artifacts. There may be errors in both their design and their implementation.

My work has focused on the specification and design of programming languages and their runtime systems. I work on:

  •  providing a clearer understanding of widely used programming languages
  • developing new language features for faster development of better programs - my main focus recently has been in the development of features for concurrent programming
  • development of verification tools and automatic test suites

A clearer understanding of a programming language can be obtained by describing its significant features in formal models and using examples to clarify any issues. The implications of these issues can be developed for programming, program development and language implementation. New features are also described in terms of formal models and developed via prototype implementations. 


Guest Lectures

Programming Language Research and Technical Disruption, ACM-W WomENcourage, Johannes Kepler University LinzLinz, Austria, 2016

Research Student Supervision

Allwood,T, PhD Student

Anderson,C, Second supervision

Argent-Katwala,A, Second supervision

Buckley,A, Second supervision

Cai,H, PhD Student

Chatley,R, PhD Student

Cunningham,D, PhD Student

Furey,D, PhD Student

Gudka,K, PhD Student

Hosek,P, Second supervision

Hu,R, Second supervision

Jones,W, Second supervision

Kotrajaras,V, PhD Student

Martins,P, Second supervision

Petrounias,A, PhD Student

Phillips,A, PhD Student

Radestock,M, PhD Student

Smith,M, Second supervision

Spinellis,D, PhD Student