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Dr Sarah Essilfie-Quaye is the first Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Research Fellow in the Faculty of Medicine, a new position at Imperial College London. 

Her research focuses on gender and racial inequalities in academic careers in biomedical research, and the effects of this on under-served groups in clinical research.

Sarah works closely with Professor Clare Lloyd Vice-Dean (Institutional Affairs), and was the inaugural Project Director for the Faculty of Medicine Culture Initiatives Management Group.

Sarah is Co-Chair for the Black Postdoctoral Network and was also a Co-Chair for Imperial As One, Imperial College London’s Race Equality Network for staff and postgraduate students, in fact, Sarah sits on a number of committees and working groups across Imperial, including the newly minted Network of Excellence in Women’s Health!

Sarah was awarded the President's Medal for Excellence in Culture and Community.SEQ Presidents medal Sarah also received the individual Leadership Award for Culture and Community for her work within the Faculty of Medicine, and the team award for The Collaboration and Communication Award for Culture and Community as part of the Imperial As One committee. 

Sarah has been part of the Imperial community since 2002, starting as a Research Technician in the Asthma Lab, before progressing into a research career whilst also undertaking a part-time PhD.

After her PhD Sarah made the decision to step away from an academic career. “After a quick investigation I discovered there were no Black female academics at Imperial, I knew the path to Professor was a difficult one for anyone, but this made it feel almost impossible for me. I now regret that decision and wish instead I had felt I had enough support and encouragement to strive to be the first. This is the driving factor behind my involvement with the Race Equality Charter Self-Assessment Team (REC SAT) and Imperial As One. To create an environment at Imperial where everyone feels like they have the chance to make it to the top of their career, whatever their background.”

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