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Dr Sara Giarola received her PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Padova and joined Imperial College in 2012. She is a BG Research Fellow at the Sustainable Gas Institute where she works on large scale energy systems modelling.

Prior to joining the Sustainable Gas Institute, she worked at the Chemical Engineering Department of Imperial College in the area of mathematical programming, multiscale modelling, process and supply chain optimisation as well as development of advanced biorefining and chemical processes.

Her research focuses on technological changes of global energy systems as well as integration of climate change mitigation strategies and policies.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Ortiz-Gutierrez RA, Giarola S, Shah N, et al., 2015, An approach to optimize multi-enterprise biofuel supply chains including Nash equilibrium models, 12th International Symposium on Process Systems Engineering and 25th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering, Pt C, Vol:37, ISSN:1570-7946, Pages:2255-2260

Giarola S, Bezzo F, Shah N, 2013, A risk management approach to the economic and environmental strategic design of ethanol supply chains, Biomass & Bioenergy, Vol:58, ISSN:0961-9534, Pages:31-51

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