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I am a post-doctoral researcher, working on experimental quantum optics and quantum information. My work is focused on (the quest for) ideal quantum systems for the manipulation of quantum information, generating and storing single photons in an on-demand fashion.

At the Quantum Nanophotonics Project in the Centre for Cold Matter I investigate the use of single dye molecules in organic crystals. Beside providing an easy access to experimental quantum optics, this system has shown great promise as an all-round tool in solid-state quantum photonics. We are currently exploring its integration in nano-structures, such as waveguides, antennae and cavities, with the aim of enhancing and harnessing its emission. This enhanced light-matter interface could be crucial in the development of quantum gates. Moreover,the presence of long-lived states in dye molecules furthers their reach, allowing us to potentially store and generate single photons in the same system.

Quantum memories in particular will play a crucial role in the spreading of quantum techonologies in the near future. Several quantum repeater architectures, a key building block for a quantum network, rely on the presence of such a device at each node. Rare-earth doped crystals are one of the leading candidates, featuring low decoherence and measured storage times of up to a minute. At the Quantum Photonics in Solids and Atoms group at ICFO I work towards realising an integrated quantum memory device, able to distribute entanglement between light and solid state crystals over long distances.



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, 2019, Novel method of sub-wavelength thin film growth for single photon emission from dye molecules

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