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Grosman Stanyslav is a Research Associate in Computational Structural Mechanics group in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Stanyslav has been awarded a PhD degree from Imperial College London while he also holds an MSc degree in Structural Engineering and BSc degree in Civil engineering from Pridneprovs’k State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture.

Stanyslav PhD was focused on development of effective algorithms for assessing robustness of irregular structures to sudden element loss.

Since December 2017, he has been working on Network Rail funded project on “Realistic Assessment of Masonry Railway Viaducts”. The scope of the project includes realistic high-fidelity modelling of non-linear behaviour of masonry arch bridges under the transient traffic loading.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Grosman S, Izzuddin B, 2018, Realistic modelling of irregular slabs under extreme loading, Proceedings of the ICE - Engineering and Computational Mechanics, Vol:171, ISSN:1755-0777, Pages:49-64

Grosman S, Savytskyi M, Analysis of Design Parameters of Mobile Service Tower, Construction, Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering

Savytskyi M, Nikiforova T, Grosman S, Rationale Design Measures to Ensure The Reliability of High-Rise Buildings in Progressive Collapse, N Collection of Scientific Works. Series: Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering

Savytskyi M, Grosman S, Tytjuk A, Development of new algorithms for data processing for topological rationalization, Civil Engineering, Material Science, Mechanical Engineering Journa


Grosman S, Izzuddin B, The Thirteenth International Conference on Computational Structures Technology, The Thirteenth International Conference on Computational Structures Technology

Grosman S, Izzuddin B, Realistic Modelling of Irregular Floor Slabs under Extreme Loading, The 25th UKACM Conference on Structural Mechanics

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