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I am an Earth and Planetary Scientist with broad research interests in understanding modern and ancient environmental change on Earth's surface and on Mars.

  • I am a Co-Investigator on the Mastcam camera team on the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover mission in Gale crater, Mars
  • I am a Co-Investigator on the Pancam camera team on the ExoMars 2020 rover mission to Mars due to land in 2021
  • I am a Collaborator on the Mastcam-Z camera team on the NASA Mars 2020 rover mission due to land on Mars in February 2021
  • I have used high-resolution sonar data gathered from the English Channel to explore the submerged landscapes beneath the sea. This led to the discovery that catastrophic megafloods separated Britain from Europe, and explained how Britain became an island. 

Our new research on river dynamics and the indus civilisation has just been published in nature Communications


Counter-intuitive influence of Himalayan river morphodynamics on Indus Civilisation urban settlements


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Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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