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Dr. Sarah Hedberg is currently a Research Associate in the SPEL group in the Department of Chemical Engineering and is working in the area of bioprocess engineering and protein characterisation.

She holds a MEng degree in Biochemical Engineering from University College London, where she spent one year doing research at Iowa State University, USA. After a few years of work experience in R&D in academia and industry with focus on biofuels and biopharmaceuticals, she started her PhD at Imperial College London, which she obtained in 2017. The topic of her PhD was the prediction of protein aggregation of biopharmaceuticals, primarily monoclonal antibodies.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Williams DR, 2018, Mapping the mAb Aggregation Propensity Using Self-InteractionChromatography as a Screening Tool, Analytical Chemistry, ISSN:0003-2700

Hedberg SHM, Heng JYY, Williams DR, et al., 2015, Micro scale self-interaction chromatography of proteins: a mAb case-study, Journal of Chromatography A, Vol:1434, ISSN:0412-3425, Pages:57-63

Hedberg SHM, Heng JYY, Williams DR, et al., 2015, Self-interaction chromatography of mAbs: accurate measurement of dead volumes, Pharmaceutical Research, Vol:32, ISSN:1573-904X, Pages:3975-3985

More Publications