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Prof. Iwata was awarded a Ph.D. at University of Tokyo in 1991. After postdoctoral research experience at Photon Factory, Japan (1991-2) and at the Max-Planck-Institute for Biophysics, Germany (1992-6), he became a lecturer at Uppsala University, Sweden in 1996. He joined Imperial College London in 2000 as the Chair of Membrane Protein Crystallography and became Director of Centre for Structural Biology in January 2005.  He also holds positions as a Diamond Fellow at Diamond Light Source and the Research Director of ERATO IWATA Human Receptor Crystallography project.  In December 2005, he was given the title of David Blow Chair of Biophysics. He has solved various membrane protein structures, which are essential for the cell functions, including cytochrome c oxidase, lactose permease and photosystem II. His current main interest is to establish the structural determination method of human membrane proteins including G-protein coupled receptors, which are major drug targets.

Membrane Protein Crystallography Research Group

List of Degrees and Theses Titles

B.Sc. (March, 1986):

Undergraduate at the University of Tokyo

M.Sc. (March, 1988):

University of Tokyo

Thesis: "Characterisation and Allosteric Properties of L-Lactate Dehydrogenase from Biffidobacterium longum (BLLDH)"

Supervisor: Prof. T. Ohta

Ph.D. (March, 1991):

University of Tokyo

Thesis: "The Crystal Structure of L-Lactate Dehydrogenase from Biffidobacterium longum : Structural Changes during Allosteric Transitions"

Supervisors: Prof. T. Ohta (Department of Agricultural Chemistry,University of Tokyo) and Prof. N. Sakabe (Photon Factory, National Laboratory for High Energy Physics, Tsukuba, Japan.)

Invited Lectures and Presentations

2008 - 2010

The ELRIG Protein Crystallography Conference (Cambridge, UK, 01/04/08)
Title: Structures and mechanism of membrane transporters.

2nd Joint German/UK Bioenergetics Conference - Integration of structures, spectroscopies and mechanisms (Edinburgh, UK, 2-4/04/08)
Title: Structures and mechanisms of membrane transporters.

The 8th Annual Meeting of the Protein Science Society of Japan (Tokyo, Japan, 10/06/08)
Title: GPCR X-ray crystallography

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Coherent X-ray Science Workshop (Melbourne, Australia, 18/09/08)
Title: High-throughput production of human membrane proteins.

CXS public lecture (Melbourne, Australia, 19/09/08)
Title: High-hanging fruit worth the risk - Towards the structure determination of human membrane proteins.

ComBio 2008 (Camberra, Australia, 22/09/08)
Title: Structure and function of membrane transporters.

"Maestro Lectures/Seminars on Structure and Function of Membrane Proteins" 80th Anniversary of National Taiwan University (Taipei, Taiwan, 13/10/08)
Title: Structural studies on bacterial and eukaryotic membrane transporters.

Science Museum Lates, Events for adults (London, UK, 28/01/09)
Title: Protein structures, health and environment.

Kyoto University Global COE Program (Kyoto, Japan, 31/01/09)
Title: Introduction to Structural Biology Interface

NIH Roadmap Membrane Protein Production and Technologies Meeting (San Francisco, USA, 26/03/09)
Title: Systematic studies on membrane transporter crystallization

Single molecule fluorescence imaging applications to the study of membrane proteins - Membrane Protein Meeting at Diamond Light Source (Oxfordshire, UK, 20/04/09)
Title: The Membrane protein lab at Diamond

3 Day Workshop on Membrane Protein Production, Vrystallisation and Crystallography MPL, Diamond Light Source (Oxfordshire, UK, 02/06/09)
Title: Membrane Protein Structural Biology

Protein Complexes Workshop in EMBL Hamburg (Hamburg, Germany, 30/06/09)
Title: Production and crystallisation of membrane proteins

The 82th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Biochemical Society (Kobe, Japan, 22/10/09)
Title: Towards the Molecular Mechanism of Solute Carrier Proteins

Seminar at the ILL Chadwick amphitheatre, ESRF (Grenoble, France, 28/10/09)
Title: Structure and Function of Membrane Transporters

24th JSSX Annual Meeting (Kyoto, Japan, 28/11/09)
Title: Structure and function of membrane transporters

The First Formosan Symposium on Structural Biology (Taipei, Taiwan, 09/12/09)
Title: Structure and function of membrane transporters

The 3rd Bilateral Japan-UK Symposium (Tokyo, Japan, 12/02/10)
Title: Diamond Membrane Protein Laboratory

Gregori Aminoff Prize Lecture at the Stockholm University (Stockholm, Sweden, 31/03/10)
Title: Membrane Proteins: the Last Frontier in Structural Biology

FEBS2010 (Göteborg, Sweden, 01/07/2010)
Title: Structure and function of membrane transporters

Plenary Lectures

ComBio 2008 (Camberra, Australia, 22/09/08)
Title: Structure and function of membrane transporters.

FEBS2010 (Göteborg, Sweden, 01/07/2010)
Title: Structure and function of membrane transporters.



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