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Prof Steve Matthews

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Life Sciences

Professor of Chemical and Structural Biology



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Lecturer, 2nd year Physical Biochemistry. (Undergraduate)

Lecturer, 2nd year Protein Science. (Undergraduate)

Organiser, 3rd year Macromolecules in 3D (M3D). (Undergraduate)

Lecturer, 3rd year Macromolecules in 3D (M3D). (Undergraduate)

Lecturer, 3rd year Molecular Basis of Bacterial Pathogenesis. (Undergraduate)

Lecturer, 3rd year Protein Engineering and Drug Design. (Undergraduate)

Organiser, MRes Structural Molecular Biology. (Postgraduate)

Supervisor, MRes in Biomolecular Sciences. (Postgraduate)

Supervisor, MRes in Chemical Biology of Health & Disease and PhD. (Postgraduate)

Lecturer, MRes in Chemical Biology of Health & Disease and PhD. (Postgraduate)

Supervisor, MRes in Structural Molecular Biology. (Postgraduate)

Supervisor, PhD programme in Molecular Basis of Infection. (Postgraduate)

Lecturer, PhD programme in Molecular Basis of Infection. (Postgraduate)

Academic Training Programme

Teaching Workshops A, B, C, D, K

Fundamentals of Molecular Biochemistry - LIFE95008


The aim is to provide an understanding by second year undergraduates of the relationship between macromolecular structure and function in sufficient detail to place this knowledge in the context of earlier courses in biochemistry and to provide the foundation for the treatment of more advanced topics in the final year. In particular the course will give the students insight into the theory and practice of how protein samples can be expressed, purified and engineered for structural and functional analysis. This will include insight into how bioinformatics can inform sample preparation and experimental design, how detailed structural information is obtained and how this can be used to facilitate investigation of function at the molecular level.



Structural Biology and Drug Design - LIFE96019


This course has been designed to develop an in depth understanding of the principles of macromolecular structure determination.  Furthermore, the impact that structural information can have on functional interpretation is emphasised.  Finally, students should be in a position to follow strategies and conclusions from articles published in Nature Structure Biology.


Course Leader

Molecular Basis of Bacterial Infection - LIFE96025


This course aims to develop an understanding, by undergraduate students, of some of the fundamental principles of infectious diseases. They will learn the basic mechanisms that determine the outcome of bacterial pathogen – host cell interactions. Bacterial infections and diseases result from a “dialogue” between the bacterial and eukaryotic cells rather than being a bacterial “monologue”. This phenomenon will be at the heat of the course. The students will be exposed to biochemical, molecular and cellular technologies.