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I have been the Operations manager for the Future Vaccine Manufacturing Hub (  in the lab of Robin Shattock since 2022. This strategic partnership of researchers, national centres and industry, aims to revolutionise vaccine manufacturing, with a particular focus on LMIC.I am also an Hon Associate Professor at UCL.

I completed a PhD in immunology and Genetics at Cambridge with Geoff Butcher in 1995 and an MSc in Epidemiology at Imperial College in 2007. I have diverse experience in the lab and field and a wide interest in public health. I have worked in vaccines since 2007 and remain primarily focussed on  the search and delivery of equitable public health interventions . My move from the lab into clinical immunology came after life changing experiences in South Africa and Namibia and an MSc in Modern Epidemiology in 2007. I then had the good fortune work with Sheena McCormack and have  >15 years experience working in clinical trials for infectious disease such as HIV, Covid-19 and Lassa fever. I have been able to remain involved in HIV prevention throughout; most recently through PrEPVacc ( - the first ever European funded Phase IIb vaccine trial. I am involved in the Imperial network for Vaccine research (

I am committed to improving vaccine literacy ( and supported Covid-19 outreach activities for the BSI in 2021

I have lived and worked in Namibia, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Mozambique and Tanzania and remain committed to and involved in supporting scientific research in those countries. I  have field experience in Schistosomiasis, Malaria, TB and HIV research in endemic countries.

I continue to learn from all my far flung collaborators and am very interested in all aspects of all cultures. I am a trustee of the Volunteer Centre Greenwich and  a very enthusiastic printmaker.



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