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Professor Sergei Kazarian

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Chemical Engineering

Professor of Physical Chemistry



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Research Interests

My principal research interests are molecular spectroscopy of polymeric materials and supercritical fluids processing. My overall strategy is to combine physical chemical studies with chemical engineering research and applications. I am interested in studying intermolecular interactions in polymers and supercritical fluids, using them to engineer new products and processes. I develop and apply in situ spectroscopic methods to study supercritical fluid-polymer interactions, plasticisation of polymeric materials, supercritical fluid dyeing, drying, extraction and impregnation. In recent years my research interests have broadened to include preparation of polymer/drug formulations, supercritical fluids enhanced processing, rheology, separations using supercritical fluids and ionic liquids.

In most recent years my research has focused on the development and applications of advanced spectroscopic imaging methods. These include FTIR spectroscopic imaging (specifically attenuated total reflection (ATR) imaging in both macro and micro modes), confocal Raman microscopy and tip-enhanced Raman scattering. FTIR spectroscopic imaging brings to light a whole new range of possibilities in complex materials, forensics, pharmaceutical and biomedical research.

Multidisciplinary collaborations with colleagues from universities, industry and government institutions play an important role in my research, focusing on solving problems with implications for health, the environment and security as well as those of significant industrial interest.

See my Research Group website:  Vibrational spectroscopy and chemical imaging