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Sahir is a post-doctoral member of the crystallisation group in CSM.



Research Interests

1.  The crystallisation of proteins and other biological molecules that are targets for structure based drug design (with a particular focus on cancer and cardiac illness). 

2.  The development of new and improved methodology for the production of high quality crystals. Themes central to the research include;

* Design and fabrication of porous nucleating agents.

* Cross-discipline research into 'nano' and 'smart' materials.

* Systematic characterisation of the microgravity environment.

* Optimisation of the initial screening process.

* Targetting the crucial nucleation step (including its induction, minimisation and circumvention).

* Subsequent automation and adaptation to high throughput (for the afore-mentioned methodology to be of benefit to the wider crystallisation community).

3. Structural Biology, Structural Genomics and Proteomics. 

4. The various roles crystals play in everyday life.

A MIF crystal grown using a Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Nucleating Agent

A MIF crystal grown using a Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Nucleating Agent


Academic Qualifications

PhD. Imperial College London

 ‘The Development of New and Improved Methodology to Tackle the Crystallisation Bottleneck in the Post Genomic Era’.

MSc. Virology: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

BSc. Hons. Microbiology: Imperial College London.


Recent Highlights

*  Saridakis E; Khurshid S; Govada L; Phan Q; Hawkins D; Crichlow GV; Lolis E; Reddy SM; et al. (5 Jul 2011). Protein crystallization facilitated by molecularly imprinted polymers. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 108:11081-11086. Author weblink DOI.

*  Kertis F; Khurshid S; Okman O; Kysar JW; Govada L; Chayen N; Erlebacher J. (7 Nov 2012). Heterogeneous nucleation of protein crystals using nanoporous gold nucleants. JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY. 22:21928-21934. Author weblink DOI.

*  images displayed at the 'Crystal World' exhibition at the Royal Society. link

*  participating in various Outreach events, including the MRC Centenary celebrations at the Science Museum.  



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Khurshid S, Haire LF, Chayen NE, 2010, Automated seeding for the optimization of crystal quality, Journal of Applied Crystallography, Vol:43, ISSN:0021-8898, Pages:752-756

More Publications