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Published journal articles

Conference proceedings are listed in Le Vine's CV.  Journal articles and corresponding Open Access version of each article are listed below.


     Guest Editorials:

27) Le Vine, S., Polak, J. Introduction to Special Issue: New directions in shared-mobility research. Transportation (2015) (Open Access version)

      Discussion Articles:

26) Le Vine, S. How overwhelming is the evidence in favor of Road Diets? Case Studies on Transport Policy (2016) (Open Access version)

25) Le Vine, S., Latinopoulos, C., Polak, J. A tenuous result: Re-analysis of the link between internet-usage and young adults' driving licence-holding. Traffic Injury Prevention (2013) (Open Access version)

     Original Research Papers:

24) Liu, X., Lai, L., Kong, Y., Le Vine, S. Protected turning-movements of non-cooperative automated vehicles: Geometrics, trajectories and saturated flow. Journal of Advanced Transportation (in press) 

23) Le Vine, S., Kong, Y., Liu, X., Polak, J. Vehicle automation and freeway 'pipeline' capacity in the context of legal standards of careTransportation (in press) (Open Access version)

22) Le Vine, S., Polak, J. The impact of free-floating carsharing on car ownership: Early-stage findings from London Transport Policy (2017) (Open Access version)

21) Le Vine, S., Wu, C., Polak, J. A nationwide study of factors associated with household car ownership in ChinaIATSS Research. (in press) (Open Access version)

20) Lustgarten, P., Le Vine, S. Public opinion and consumer preferences for selected attributes of automated vehicles.  Journal of Modern Transportation. (in press)

19) Le Vine, S., Polak, J. A novel peer-to-peer congestion pricing marketplace enabled by vehicle-automation. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice (2016) (Open Access version)

18) Le Vine, S., Liu, X., Zheng, F., Polak, J. Automated cars: Queue discharge at signalized intersections with 'Assured-Clear-Distance-Ahead' driving strategies. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies (2016) (Open Access version)

17) Le Vine, S., Latinopoulos, C., Polak, J. Analysis of the relationship between internet usage and allocation of time for personal travel and out of home activities: Case study of Scotland in 2005/6. Travel Behaviour and Society (2016) (Open Access version)

16) Zheng, F., Liu, X., van Zuylen, H., Le Vine, S. Reliability-based traffic signal control for urban arterial roadsIEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems (2016)

15) Liu, X., Deng, Y., Le Vine, S. Residential relocation in response to light rail transit investment: Case study of the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail systemJournal of Modern Transportation (2016)

14) Le Vine, S., Zolfaghari, A., Polak, J. Autonomous cars: The tension between occupant-experience and intersection capacity. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies (2015). See also: The Atlantic's CityLabgizmag, and Nokia HERE 360. (Open Access version)

13) Suel, E., Le Vine, S., Polak, J. An empirical application of an expenditure diary instrument to quantify the relationships between in-store and online grocery shopping: Case study of Greater London. Transportation Research Record (2015) (Open Access version)

12) Clark, M., Gifford, K., Anable, J., Le Vine, S. Business-to-business carsharing: Evidence from Britain of factors associated with employer-based carsharing membership and its impacts. Transportation (2015) (Open Access version)

11) Le Vine, S., Lee-Gosselin, M., Sivakumar, A., Polak, J. A new approach to predict the market and impacts of round-trip and point-to-point carsharing systems: Case study of London. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment (2014) (Open Access version)

10) Le Vine, S., Latinopoulos, C., Polak, J. What is the relationship between online activity and driving-licence-holding amongst young adults? Transportation (2014) (Open Access version)

9) Le Vine, S., Chen, B., Polak, J. Does the elasticity of road traffic depend on the source of income? Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice (2014) (Open Access version)

8) Le Vine, S. A Pareto-efficient market-clearing mechanism for the shared-mobility marketplace. Int'l Journal of Automotive Technology and Management (2014) (Open Access version)

7) Le Vine, S., Latinopoulos, C., Polak, J. Establishing the links between online activity and car use: Evidence from a combined travel diary and online-activity pseudo-diary data set. Transportation Research Record (2014) (Open Access version)

6) Le Vine, S., Adamou, O., Polak, J. Predicting new forms of activity/mobility patterns enabled by shared-mobility services through a needs-based stated-response method: Case study of grocery shopping Transport Policy (2014) (Open Access version)

5) Le Vine, S., Polak, J. Factors associated with young adults delaying and forgoing driving licences: Results from Britain. Traffic Injury Prevention (2014) (Open Access version)

4) Le Vine, S., Jones, P., Lee-Gosselin, M., Polak, J.Is heightened environmental-sensitivity responsible for the drop in young adults' driving-licence-acquisition rates? Transportation Research Record (2014) (Open Access version)

3) Le Vine, S., Lee-Gosselin, M., Sivakumar, A., Polak, J. A new concept of accessibility to personal activities: Development of theory and application to an empirical study of mobility resource holdings. Transport Geography (2013) (Open Access version)

2) Le Vine, S., Jones, P., Polak, J. The contribution of benefit-in-kind taxation policy in Britain to the Peak Car phenomenon. Transport Reviews (2013) (Open Access version)

1) Le Vine, S., Lee-Gosselin, M., Sivakumar, A., Polak, J. Design of a strategic-tactical stated-choice survey methodology using a constructed avatar. Transportation Research Record #2246 (2011) (Open Access version)