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Professor of Plasma Physics



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Prof. Adam Frank, University of Rochester, Astrophysics

Dr. Mike Cuneo, Sandia National Labs, Plasma Physics

Dr. Andrea Ciadi, Paris Observatory, Astrophysics

Dr. Dan Sinars, Sandia National Labs., Plasma Physics

Prof. Tom Ray, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, Astrophysics

Prof. David Hammer, Cornell University, Plasma Physics

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Research Student Supervision

AMPLEFORD,D, Experimental study of plasma jets produced by conical wire array z-pinches

BLAND,S, Plasma dynamics in aluminium wire array z-pinch experiments

Bennett,M, Experimental study of differentially rotating supersonic plasma flows produced by Aluminium wire array z-pinches

Burdiak,G, An Investigation of Cylindrical Liner Z-pinches as Drivers for Converging Strong Shock Experiments

HALL,G, The relationship between implosion dynamics and stagnation structure in aluminium wire array z-pinch

Hare,JD, High energy density magnetic reconnection experiments in colliding carbon plasma flows

Harvey-Thompson,A, An experimental investigation of inverse wire array Z-pinches

Khoory,E, Experimental Study of Plasma Implosion Dynamics in a Two-Stage Wire Array Z-Pinch Configuration

Palmer,J, Effect of central targets on X-ray parameters of fast Z-pinches

Pickworth,L, Experimental investigation of supersonic plasma jets colliding with thin metallic foils

RAPLEY,J, Experimental characterisation of W and Al radial wire array z-pinches

Skidmore,J, Experimental study of pulsed power driven radiative shockwaves in noble gases

Suttle,L, Experimental study of reverse shock structure in magnetised high energy density plasma flows driven by an inverse wire array z pinch

Suzuki-Vidal,F, Experimental study of radiatively cooled magnetically driven plasma jets

Swadling,JF, An experimental investigation of the azimuthal structures formed during the ablation phase of wire array z-pinches

de Grouchy,P, Experimental studies of the interaction of radiatively cooled supersonic plasma jets with ambient plasma