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I am a chemical engineer at heart with a passion for fluid dynamics. I am currently working as a post-doc with Subsurface CO2 research group under ELEGANCY project. With an alarming increase in global warming levels, my research attempts to provides insight to efficient CO2 storage in subsurface reservoirs. 


2018 - present: Research Associate, Imperial College, London, UK

2011 - 2017: PhD, The City college of New York, New York, USA

Thesis title: Suspension Flow in Bifurcating Channels

2007 - 2011: B.Chem. Eng, Institute of Chemical Technology, India

Research interests

My current research is focused on understanding the multi-phase flow in porous media using high-speed imaging (for micro-models) and computed tomography as experimental tools. I use combination of experiments and numerical methods to characterise multi-phase flow at pore-scale as well as core-scale.

Selected publications

Manoorkar,S., Sedes, O. and Morris, J. F. (2016). Particle transport in laboratory models of bifurcating fractures. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, 33, 1169-1180.

Manoorkar,S., Sedes, O., Morris, J. F., Krishnan, S., Shaqfeh, E.S., Iaccarino, G. (2017). Suspension flow through an asymmetric T-junction. Journal of Fluid Mechanics.

SELected Patent

Kulkarni, P. M., Manoorkar,S., Morris, J. and Tonmukayakul, N. (2016). U.S. Patent No. 9,418,184. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. 

conference Proceedings

Manoorkar, S., Jackson, S., Krevor, S. ''Characterizing multiphase flow in heterogeneous carbonates''. TCCS-10, June 2019, Trondheim, Norway

Manoorkar, S., Morris, J.F. ''Neutrally-buyonnt particle motion in the pressure-driven flows through a symmetric 3D T-channel''. Flow and Transport in Permeable Media (GRS) Gordon Research Seminar, July 2018, Newry, USA

Sedes, O., Manoorkar,S., Morris, J. F. “Particle transport in laboratory models of bifurcating fractures”. ICTAM Conference, 2016, Montreal, Canada 

Morris, J. F., Manoorkar,S., Sedes, O. “Bifurcation Flows of Suspensions: Flow Splits and Mixture Boundary Conditions”. AIChE Conference, Nov 2015, Salt lake city, USA

Manoorkar,S., Sedes, O., Morris, J. F., Krishnan, S., Shaqfeh, E.S. “Laminar flow of suspension through bifurcating channels”. AIChE Conference, Nov 2014, Atlanta, USA