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Dr Steve McAteer

Faculty of MedicineInstitute of Global Health Innovation

IGHI Director of Operations & Global Health







1029Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Wing (QEQM)St Mary's Campus





Steve is Director of Operations and Global Health for the Institute of Global Health Innovation (IGHI), one of Imperial's Global Challenge Institutes. He leads on the overall operational management of IGHI, directing and supporting the Institute‚Äôs portfolio across research, innovation, education and policy, as well as strengthening collaborations and stakeholder engagement, both in enhancing internal cross-working, and developing and sustaining key external partnerships.

Prior to this, Steve was Senior Strategy Advisor to Professor Darzi, where he worked closely in supporting the strategic and academic alignment of IGHI, alongside an external facing brief encompassing a broad range of parliamentary, humanitarian and commercial arenas.

During his time at Imperial, he has also held an appointment as Research Manager for Professor Darzi, supporting the development and oversight of a large and diverse research portfolio, together with a number of other research and operational management positions, including within the Faculty Research Strategy teams for both Medicine and Engineering; and as Science and Business Manager for the Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre.

Steve gained a first-class honours undergraduate Masters degree in Chemistry from University of Southampton, followed by a PhD in synthetic organic chemistry from University of Leeds under the supervision of Philip Kocienski FRS, investigating the total synthesis of the polyether antibiotic Ionomycin. He has also held postdoctoral research positions at the Australian National University working with Lew Mander AC, FAA, FRS, and University College London with David Thurston FPharmS.



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